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Aluminum Milling

Aluminum CNC Milling, the manufacturing process of using Computer Numerical Control, speeds up the production of many materials for a variety of industries. This procedure is suitable for a wide range of materials, particularly aluminum, but also other metals, plastics, wood, glass, foam and composites. Aluminum CNC Milling finds application in several industries, such as large CNC milling, milling of parts and prototypes for telecommunications, and CNC milling aerospace parts, which require tighter tolerances than other fields. Forgoing manual milling regulations, Aluminum CNC milling supplies three-dimensional cutting by utilizing milling such as CNC mills, grinders, routers and more. Aluminum CNC milling delivers compound, precise components in half the time and at a far better quality.

At Pintejin cnc milling company, each member of our experienced team places quality first and is driven to offer the best in customer care. Email us now at [email protected] or contact us here to receive your no-cost quote.

The Best in Aluminum CNC Milling in China, Utilizing the Best Products

Aluminum is a favored option of metal for various industries including aerospace projects, mainly because of its exceptionally light weight.The types of high-grade aluminum we use for our Aluminum CNC Milling in China, include:

  • 6061
  • 7075
  • 7050 or “aa7050 alloy”

We can machine aluminum into the dimensions you need, due to its strong, largely inert, malleable and extremely versatile nature. Our advanced Aluminum CNC Milling and expert team can work with your company to create incredibly accurate parts. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the Aluminum CNC Milling industry and are ready to reach your needs in China, and provide your free quote today.

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5 Axis Aluminum CNC Milling Services In China

5 Axis milling allows the creation of incredibly complex shapes. With skilled workers and a 5 axis CNC machine we’re able to keep producing these complex shapes, consistently turning out exceptional parts that demonstrate the highest quality standards. If you need a tricky prototype realized, or have finalized your prototype and require a well-established, capable milling company to take over production, we can meet your needs.

High-Quality, Versatile 5 Axis Milling

We are able to machine products from a wide range of materials, enabling us to fill a range of specifications. Because of our experience, you know we have the processes and systems in place to assess quality at every stage of our operation. Consistently meeting the highest standards, we take pride in giving our customers excellent results every time.

5 Axis CNC Milling Services and Many More Options

In addition to offering advanced milling that’s frequently utilized by medical equipment manufacturers and companies involved in robotics, we also offer a selection of complementary services that can complete any finishing or further processing that’s required. 

5-Axis CNC Milling Center

5-axis CNC milling works by supplementing the standard 3-axis machine with two more, rotary axes. With so many directions of work achievable, it’s possible to create demanding shapes, with incredible detail, in a relatively short space of time.

Due to our investment in advanced, 5-axis simultaneous milling, we are able to offer complex milling services to our customers. Additionally, the robotic loading CNC milling we offer ensures that if you have a demanding project that requires the production of a technical component, we have the machinery and the skilled workforce to make it possible. Competitively priced and fast, we are always up for a challenge when it comes to milling a part that matches your exact specifications, no matter how demanding.