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Pintejin cnc milling manufacture high precision machined parts or precision milling parts in house. Our China precision cnc milling factory has been equipped with state-of-the-art high precision milling facilities which including 3 axis cnc milling centers, 4 axis cnc milling centers, 5 axis CNC milling centers, CNC Milling Machines, CNC grinding machines, Wire EMD machines and many other precision secondary milling machines. If you are looking for a professional supplier, manufacturer and exporter of custom quality high precision CNC milling parts in China, our team is ready for your precision milling projects. We will help you get the custom metal or plastic parts machined easy and fast.

With more than 12 years of experience in custom high precision CNC milling, CNC machine company is committed to provide and manufacture perfect quality high precision CNC milling services and CNC machined parts at competitive prices. And we can also handle secondary milling and sub-assembly work for you when CNC prototyping and CNC volume production milling completed. Contact us now for your next CNC precision milling project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

With over 120 pieces of the fastest and finest machining and manufacturing equipment available, our machine shop’s capabilities for precision CNC machining is extensive. We are nearing 70 CNC machines in our collection, with varying capabilities.Pintejin provides high quality precision parts and gear cutting services, products involved in machinery, automation, automotive, electronics, medical, new energy and other fields.We manufacture various parts according to customers requirements.To ensure good qulity of our parts, we have the State-Of-the-Art machining equipments and testing equipments, such as CNC machines,Sodik slow-feeding wire cut machine, mirror EDM, grinding machinines and CMM.

As a part of our machine shop’s services, whether for custom machining, surface treatment, assembly or other applications, the team at The Pintejin provides a positive and proactive customer experience. By collaborating alongside you, we learn about your needs and requirements, providing us with the means to develop a viable solution that’s completed from start to finish at our 9000-square-meter facility in dongguan, China.

Our one-of-a-kind combination of technical experience, advanced equipment capabilities and customer-centric approach distinguish us from other machine shops with precision CNC capabilities. These features, as well as our more than 12 year history, emphasize why Fortune 500 companies trust and form a long-term partnership with pintejin.

Our Cnc Machining Production Facilities

850 CNC Milling True 4th-Axis(12 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiMB850800*600*500,40 Taper
770 CNC Engraving(3 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiMB770800*600*500,50 Taper
T5CNC Milling Machine(11 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiNVT51200*800*600,50 Taper
4500 Big CNC Milling(2 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwan4500H10000*1000*600,50 Taper
2500 Big CNC Milling(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanNV25005000*800*500
430 CNC Engraving(8 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiFA 430500*300*300,40 Taper
550 CNC Engraving with 4th Axis(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMitsubishiCMX550600*400*300,40 Taper
1166 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanVMC116622‘’lx16‘’D‘’,40 Taper
855 CNC Milling Machine(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanNV855800*600*500,50 Taper
650 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanEMC650600*400*300,40 Taper
650 CNC Milling and true 4th-Axis(3 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanMB650600*400*300,40 Taper
CNC Turning Machine Center(6 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTHitachi40G- 15‘’Up to 24‘’Swing,43‘’
Length 4 1/ 2‘’Bar Capacity
46 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 46 Switzerland lathe (5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTSwitzerlandDiameter is 4646’,40 Taper
36 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 20 Japan Lathe(5 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTJapanDiameter is 3636’,40 Taper
25 Automatic lathe(20 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTTaiwanMB2525,40 Taper
Mazak Five-axis CNC lathe(1 set) and Mitsubishi Five-axis CNC lathe(2 sets)CNC EQUIPMENTMazakVF-6/50TR7,500 rpm (47,124 rad.min-1)
 Cnc Turning Lathe46Zexincnc//
 Cnc Turning Lathe46Difen//
Cnc Turning Lathe46Achmick//
Cnc Turning Lathe36Zexincnc//
Auto Lathe1525MYLAS//
 Cnc Turning Lathe20Bysk//
Cnc Turning Lathe15Bysk//
Cnc Turning Lathe20MUCUN//
Cnc Turning Lathe76Siemens//
 Cnc Turning Lathe75Siemens//
5 Axis Longitudinal Lathes265Tsugami//
Swiss Machining Lathe206Tsugami//
4 Axis Turning Lathe////
Instrument lathe////
Type latheDENCH TYPE LATHETaiwan2525
Precision grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwanT4(6 sets)1200*800*600
6030 Water grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwan6030(2 sets)3000*1000*300
8040 Water grinderGRINDING MACHINESTaiwan8040(2 sets)5000*1500*600
6m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center HACHI-CNC/20/
8m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining Center HACHI-CNC/16/
12m Aluminum Profile CNC Machining CenterHACHI-CNC/4/
High-Speed Drilling And Tapping Machine////
3600T positive and negative extruder////
3200T Reverse Double Action Extruder////
10000T Reverse Double Action Extruder////
Air compressor////
Automatic spraying line////
Spray cabinet////