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What Is Finger Spinner

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Early in the morning, I saw reports of a terrorist attack in Manchester City. The police announced that 19 people were killed and 50 injured. There is too much negative energy, so turn the fidget spinner to calm it down.

Today I saw a CNN report about fidget spinners, which I found quite interesting.

I have also tried to play Taobao’s smart push and the primary school students around me are playing it. To be honest, I can’t play it and I don’t understand the fun. Just like I can’t feel the fun of playing King Pesticide. Like the “drink more hot water” theory, I can say “I’m old.”

The Define Of Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner is a toy (tool) used to relieve stress. It is flat in shape and has a receiving shaft in the middle. Its shape may be an equilateral triangle with three corners wrapped in circles, or it may be a straight line. There may also be heavier objects on the edges, increasing the moment of inertia. Fidget spinners are made of many different materials, such as brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper or plastic. A good quality cnc machining fidget spinner can spin for several minutes at a time (same as a good yo-yo?)

Fidget spinners became extremely popular in the spring of 2017. Many media regarded fidget spinners as a trend, and some media compared fidget spinners with the water bottle spinners that became popular in 2016. Now in the United States, fidget spinners have been banned from classrooms in many schools, and stores have run out of stock. The New York Times mentioned: “This cheap, low-tech stress-relieving toy called ‘fidget spinner’ has become so popular across the United States that even stores have no stock. At the end of April, it spread to China and Europe. Although Chinese factories Mass production, but the popularity in China was so high that it could not be shipped to Europe, and the stock was temporarily out of stock, causing the prices of some of the remaining stocks to soar.” Wikipedia

An educational tool with roots in Miaohong has become a toy spurned by teachers and parents.

Fidget spinners have been used as auxiliary educational tools for some time. They were originally designed for people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The purpose is to let them play with the fidget spinners in their hands to improve their concentration.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is the co-founder of ImpactADHD, which helps counsel and treat children and adults with ADHD. She said it is recommended to use promoting fidgets like fidget spinners, which are commonly used to help ADHD patients improve their concentration. Of course, this only works for some people, who need constant stimulation to help them focus on the task at hand.

The Chinese word for Fidget is “panic, in a hurry, restless”, and the English word is to make continuous, small movements that annoy other people. For example, unconscious hyperactive behaviors such as pressing pens unconsciously, doodling in meetings, banging hands on the table, tapping feet on the floor, etc.

The current situation is that fidget spinners have been accepted by the public and have become a popular trend, and the general public also likes to play them. But this phenomenon causes problems in schools. An Australian student injured his classmate’s eye while playing with a fidget spinner. Schools in the United Kingdom and the United States issued bans on social media and sent letters to parents expressing their opposition to the use of fidget spinners in schools. The reason is that fidget spinners make too much noise in class and are visually distracting to students in class.

New fashion trends, fidget’ products? !

Similar gadgets such as the fidget cube, this cube has a total of six sides, “such as useless light switches, useless gears and Stainless Steel 316 Goblet, useless turntables, useless buttons, and useless smooth friction areas. There are buttons with sounds and ones without.” With sound, you can enjoy the joy of pressing without disturbing other people.” Web blog

Other itchy toys

Worry stones are a way for Westerners to relieve mental stress. By carving an indentation the size of a thumb on the gemstone, and then polishing it, people can use their thumb to make the indentation when they feel worried. Move forward and backward to allow your body and mind to recover relaxedly and naturally. This kind of forgetfulness stone originated in ancient Greece and became popular in Western society again in the 1970s. (Well, it feels similar to the walnuts played by uncles in Beijing)