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What materials can the laser cutting machine cut?

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The main reason laser cutters are so popular is their versatility. Laser cutting machines can cut paper, wood, cork, acrylic, foam and various metal materials. When using a laser cutting machine, we should understand the characteristics of each material and pay more attention to it in actual use.

Laser cutting machine: What materials can the laser cutting machine cut? Different metal laser cutting machines can cut a variety of metals, from mild steel and stainless steel to non-ferrous metals. Aluminum alloys and other reflective metals are more difficult to cut, so fiber lasers are a better choice. Today, metal cutting thicknesses can even reach 100 mm, depending on the power of the laser.

Laser cutting can be used on various types of wood (including plywood and MDF), but some oily laser cut woods pose a fire risk, so special care should be taken when using them. We can see some intricate and intricate laser cut wedding invitations, probably made using laser cutting.

PMMA and Lucite acrylic laser cut are both transparent plastics. Laser cutting ensures smooth edges, like cutting through butter with a knife. Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a highly utilized plastic that can be used in engineering fields. It has the capability of laser complex cutting and can be used for gears, guide and sliding parts, medical equipment, food packaging, etc.

Laser Cutting Glass and Reflection Laser cutting glass can seem like an impossible task. However, laser cutters can cut glass. Laser Cutting Machines: What Not to Cut? It may seem like a laser can cut almost anything, but that’s not true. The materials are not cut sheets but various plastics.

PVC cutting emits sour odors and toxic fumes that are harmful to both the machine operator and the laser cutter itself. Therefore, PVC cutting should use mechanical methods. Polycarbonate laser cutting machines can try to use polycarbonate below 1mm, but it will cause the material to discolor. Laser cutting is not allowed. If the material is thicker, not only will the efficiency be low, but the material will fade severely, leading to burning. The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us for deletion.