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The Advantages of electrolytic zinc plating

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Electrolytic zinc plating is a treatment that provides, by electrolysis, a deposit of zinc to steel parts, with the main objective of protecting them against corrosion. Zinc layer thicknesses usually do not exceed 20µm.

Electrolytic zinc plating must be alkaline and free of cyanide.

The protective layer is electrolytically bonded to the part. This layer becomes part of the piece, so it will be possible to bend, fold and modify the piece without losing the protective layer.

Electrolytic zinc plating does not deform the materials since the zinc die casting process is carried out at room temperature.

The price of electrolytic zinc plating is cheaper than other coating options.

Versatility in finishes, different passivations. Electrolytic zinc plating has a fine and bright appearance, leaving no burrs or impurities.

Possibly one of the best options to protect your materials against corrosion.

Types of zinc plating:

Although electrolytic zinc plating is usually accompanied by a subsequent passivation, we can also apply zinc plating without passivation. Passivation, in addition to giving the zinc-coated piece a certain color, protects the zinc layer from oxidation (also known as white oxidation), which also delays the appearance of oxidation on the base metal (also known as white oxidation). as red oxidation). Until recently, many of the passivates were composed of hexavalent chromium, but today it is imperative that all passivated zinc coatings are trivalent (Cr III), free of hexavalent chromium (Cr VI) and comply with EC Directives 2000 / 53 and RoHS.

  • Trivalent Black Zinc
  • Trivalent Yellow or Gold Zinc Plated
  • Double Layer Trivalent Blue or Silver Zinc Plated
  • Blue, White, Transparent or Colorless Trivalent Zinc Plated
  • zinc plated without passivation

At Pintejin, as an essential zinc part of providing a comprehensive service, we have a wide network of approved collaborators for the finishing processes of our machined parts. We cover all the processes for coating and surface treatment. Among our range of finishing services, we include:

Heat treatments:

  • Temper
  • tempered
  • Annealing
  • normalized
  • Cementation (C)
  • Nitriding (N)
  • Cyanidation (C+N)
  • Carbonitriding(C+N)
  • Surface coatings:
  • zinc plated
  • Galvanized
  • nickel plated
  • chrome plated
  • anodized
  • phosphated
  • Blued
  • Geomet®,
  • Painting

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