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The Define Of CAD

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CAD has many meanings, including computer aided design, gene, electrical CAD, clothing CAD, management software CAD, coronary heart disease, the abbreviation of magic devices in the Inferior Students of Magic Universities, construction engineering CAD, foreign trade settlement CAD, computer aided diagnosis, Canada dollars (CAD), but usually refers to the abbreviation of Computer Aided Design, which means Computer Aided Design in Chinese, It refers to the use of computers and their graphical devices to help designers carry out design work.

In short, CAD is a drawing software. It can draw complex engineering drawings instead of simple lines or icons. Its drawing function is very powerful and almost omnipotent. Therefore, if you draw mechanical drawings, architectural drawings, home appliance drawings, etc.,The Define Of CAD, CAD is the best choice.

In the application of renderings, the role of CAD mainly lies in accurate drawing.

  • First, the plane reference, because in many garden landscape renderings, it is impossible to use 3D to draw accurate terrain. The general approach is to import the CAD drawing into 3DMAX as a reference;
  • The second is to draw complex graphics. In the process of making renderings, if you encounter more complex graphics or require accurate graphics that are difficult to complete in 3D, you should use CAD to help;
  • Third, the use of some model libraries. A large number of professional application modules and software of CAD determine that it is fast and convenient in a certain field and aspect, and it is wrong not to treat it objectively.

How To Use CAD?CAD was born in the 1960s. It was the research plan of interactive graphics proposed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because of the expensive hardware facilities at that time, only General Motors and Boeing Airlines of the United States used the self-developed interactive graphics system; China’s CAD technology originated from the secondary development based on foreign CAD platform technology, mainly through the secondary development of domestic CAD technology developers based on foreign platform software.

On the basis of secondary development, some top domestic CAD developers have gradually explored CAD that is suitable for China’s development and demand mode, and more suitable for CAD products used by domestic enterprises. Their purpose is to develop the best CAD, and even to provide the best CAD technology for the world.

At present, the domestic CAD software is developing rapidly, including Zhongwang CAD, Yaochuang CAD, Haochen CAD and CAXA. Finally, let’s briefly summarize: just like soldiers need a weapon to win a battle, designers need a handy drawing software to improve drawing efficiency, and CAD software is the best tool for designers.